December 14, 2018

Is there any other payment option?

Yes there is another simple way of paying!  You can now pay with “Pep Stores money transfer” .

Order the products you want. Proceed to checkout and choose “Direct money transfer” as payment option. Simply state in the note that you would like to pay via Pep Stores.

How to pay with Pep Stores money transfer?

  1. Take your SA ID book or ID card and cell phone number to your nearest PEP Stores.
  2. The cashier will ask you to enter 4-digit pin number in store. This is a number of your choice.
  3. The cashier will give you the cash slip containing your withdrawal number.
  4. Send us the 10-digit withdrawal number and the 4-digit pin and tell us how much money you have sent.
  5. We will collect payment at Pep Stores and mail your order.

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