Maui Wowie – 5 Seeds

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Get Maui Wowie cannabis seeds in South Africa now, a classic sativa with tropical flavors and stress-relieving qualities!

This tall, lanky strain is best suited for cultivation in warm, tropical climates. These plants have beautiful green buds, thick with white crystals and orange, citrus hairs. The fragrance and taste are of tropical citrus, orange, pineapple and sweet, fruity flavors.

Maui Wowie is great for pain relief.

Flowering time: 7 – 9 Weeks
Height: Medium
Yield: Indoor 400g – Outdoor 500g
Ratio: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
THC content: 18%-21%
Grow: Indoor/Outdoor
Difficulty: Easy

1 Seed pack = 5 Regular seeds